Thursday, November 29, 2007

Lovecraft's Legacy: 1971 (Tom Collins)

The Seller States: IS #4 October 1971. Fanzine published by Tom Collins, who was a major force in Lovecraft fandom in the '70s. This is a special tribute issue to AUGUST DERLETH, who had just died. It contains original articles by RAY BRADBURY, ROBERT BLOCH, FRITZ LEIBER, AVRAM DAVIDSON, LIN CARTER, FRANK BELKNAP LONG, ROBERT A.W. LOWNDES, JOSEPH PAYNE BRENNAN, EMIL PETAJA, PETER RUBER, A.E. VAN VOGT, MARK SCHORER, COLIN WILSON, GAHAN WILSON, MANLY WADE WELLMAN and a couple others. Also, a short, satirical piece, "The Last Necronomicon" by LARRY NIVEN. Nice portrait of Derleth by Tim Kirk. Quite good condition. This is offset-printed, on good quality paper. Minor wear to the covers.

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