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Solar Eruptions: Warnings by the Old Ones?

Lovecraft would have been in astronomical ecstasy. He could sit at his computer and do astronomy that Dr. Upton couldn't even do with the most sophisticated 19th century technology.

He would have seen past the effects and thought deeply about how a weird tale could embrace these new revelations of our feeble place in the Universe. This time, we're looing down the barrel of a solar magneto-eruption. Ia! Nyarlathotep Cometh!
Definitely, hug-a-loved-one time.

"Coronal holes are places in the sun's atmosphere where the sun's magnetic field opens up and allows solar wind to escape. A gust of wind from this particular hole will reach Earth on April 2nd, possibly sparking high-latitude geomagnetic storms."

Danger From Space

One imagines a spry 117 year old Lovecraft with his electronic telescope watching asteroids whiz by the earth. Finally, the old guy got to be an astronomer.

Last night the very same asteroid zoomed past Earth. The flyby gave astronomers an opportunity to study a near-Earth asteroid at close range; 2006 VV2 was only 2 million miles away - while amateur astronomers watched it race through the stars of the constellation Leo.
HPL reminds us in his stories that we are just bibedal dust mites clinging to an ephemeral moment on the thin skin of a tiny planet around a backwater star. Chrispy suggests that instead of shooting each other, we might want to cling to the fantastic life we have and help one another.

Under the Pyramids: 21 st century style

Lovecraft was a fiend for architecture and a savvy student of Egyptology. Perhaps he'd smile - and incorporate this into a new Houdini story?

Architect Says Pyramid Built Inside Out
By Tim Hepher, Reuters
PARIS (March 31) - A French architect said on Friday he had cracked a 4,500-year-old mystery surrounding Egypt's Great Pyramid, saying it was built from the inside out.

Previous theories have suggested Pharaoh Khufu's tomb, the last surviving example of the seven great wonders of antiquity, was built using either a vast frontal ramp or a ramp in a corkscrew shape around the exterior to haul up the stonework. But flouting previous wisdom, Jean-Pierre Houdin said advanced 3D technology had shown the main ramp which was used to haul the massive stones to the apex was contained 10-15 meters beneath the outer skin, tracing a pyramid within a pyramid.

"This is better than the other theories, because it is the only theory that works," Houdin told Reuters after unveiling his hypothesis in a lavish ceremony using 3D computer simulation.

Now, an international team is being assembled to probe the pyramid using radars and heat detecting cameras supplied by a French defense firm, as long as Egyptian authorities agree.

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Chrispy Returns

I know! Nine days seems like forever to me, too.

My day job had me in Wisconsin.

If you are in the World Horror Convention this week, say hello to my Horror Library colleagues.

More HPL legacy and lore to come, soon!

Thank you for reading!

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Breaking Cthulhu News: Key West Asperoteuthis acanthoderma

A great cephalopod blog site can be found here.

It's a Girl: Atlantic mystery squid undergoes scrutiny by Janet Raloff

Three weeks ago, while working the waters south of Key West, Fla., a chartered fishing boat hauled in a surprise: the fresh carcass of a huge squid unlike anything that the people on the boat had ever seen. In fact, according to marine biologists, the gelatinous creature is unlike any known in the Atlantic Ocean.

The fishing boat's captain sent the squid's decomposing body to the Mote Marine Laboratory, headquartered in Sarasota, Fla., where cephalopod specialist Debra A. Ingrao has been studying it. When the specimen arrived on Feb. 22, Ingrao promptly sampled its DNA.

"Most squid are 2 feet long or less," Ingrao notes.

Ingrao told Science News in an interview at Mote that her "rough guesstimate" for this creature's intact length is 16 to 24 feet. The tentacles were unusually thin and delicate, Ingrao adds. Last week, after viewing photos of the dissection, Michael Vecchione of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., identified glands that secrete a gel that holds new eggs. Therefore, the specimen is female, he told Ingrao.

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The Madness From the Sea: Part 6 Dracula?

"Before long the searchlight discovered some distance away a schooner with all sails set, apparently the same vessel which had been noticed earlier in the evening. The wind had by this time backed to the east, and there was a shudder amongst the watchers on the cliff as they realized the terrible danger in which she now was. ... I shall send, in time for your next issue, further details of the derelict ship which found her way so miraculously into harbour in the storm."

The passage from Dracula must surely have been in mind as HPL delineated the voyage of the ship. He declares, "Mystery Derelict Found At Sea" and later we discover that it is a "schooner".

Dracula pops up in HPL's stories as a parody and backdrop from time to time. From the Alchemist's broken battlements, to The Hound's bats, and beyond, there is always a sly smile in Lovecraft's words for the old Count.

The Madness From The Sea: Part 5 The Emma?

After many, many months of searching, Chrispy may have found an allusion to Lovecraft's anecdote, "...was sighted April 12th ... on April 12th the derelict was sighted ... deserted ... Gustaf Johansen ... had been second mate of the two-masted schooner Emma of Aukland ...".

This blurb was found on the 'net. "Trading Ketch ‘Lialeeta’, Built in 1913 by Wilsons of Port Cygnet in Tasmania, the Lialeeta was one of a fleet of Sail Traders owned by Thomas Spaulding. The Lialeeta, a Ketch of 82 tons. Built 1913. Lbd 78 x 22.8 x 6.6 ft. Left Balgowan, SA, bound for Melbourne, on 11 April 1925 but was not seen again after calling at Semaphore for provisions. Crew of five lost. [LS] Lost at sea May 1925."

This is too uncanny for words. Chrispy actually got gooseflesh when I read this and saw the picture.
In any event, this blog will ask readers to take a moment of silence for all real sailors who have lost their lives at sea.
Next up ... Dracula?

The Madness From the Sea: Part 4 - Earthquake!

S T Joshi * indicates that the earthquake was inspired by the 6.7 Charlevoix-Kamouraska (St. Lawrence) 28 February 1925 event felt throughout New England. HPL felt it in New York, and stated, "house shakes, 9 P.M.". The quake, while violently intense, caused no deaths and luckily minor damages.

*[Call of Cthulhu and Other Weird Stories, p. 395 note 16].

One never knows what will excite Lovecraft and for such a seismic rarity, Lovecraft is quiet. Did it incubate until September 1926?

Chrispy will go out on a limb and say that perhaps the Santa Barbara Earthquake of 1925 might have added fuel to the word-fare. Here are vivid images of that 6.3, 6:44 AM (local time) incident. This one did make the news!

Lovecraft's Circle: Duane Rimel 1940

Here is an image of a vintage pre-WWII fanzine.

The seller states: {Here is a} Duane Rimel piece ... a copy of Paul Freehafer's fanzine publication, "Polaris". This is vol.1 #4 Sept. 1940. According to the Pavlat & Evans index to fanzines, there were only six issues. This issue has stories by Damon Knight, John F. Burke, Jack Chapman Miske, two stories by Robert Barlow, and one by Duane Rimel. The story, "The Tree On The Hill", was, according to Joshi, revised by Lovecraft in 1934. This is the first publication of it. Rimel was one of the "Lovecraft Circle". He corresponded with HPL from 1934-37 and Lovecraft assisted Rimel with literary matters. He is the same Rimel who co-edited the "Acolyte" in the 1940's. This issue has been inscribed to fellow Lovecraft Circle member, F. Lee Baldwin. It was HPL who put Baldwin in touch with Rimel in 1934. This explains the inscription, "I hope you like this one Lee; remember when you read it a long time ago?". This is a great association piece bringing together Duane Rimel, H.P, Lovecraft and F. Lee Baldwin.
The sellere continues by mentioning the historical notes that other Rimel work was published in soft cover volumes edited by Ralph E. Vaughan by Running Dinosaur Press in 1988 & 1989. A third booklet is "Crypt of Cthulhu" #79 from 1991 with ten pieces by Rimel
Duane Rimel died in 1996 and although he signed some of his later work, the early fanzine material signed, is very scarce if not rare. F. Lee Baldwin died in 1987.

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Interlude: St. Patrick's Day

ack! Thanks Julilla! Amended below to read "anti-IRA". A thousand pardons for my typo. And, as always, thanks for stopping by to read. :)

From 1912 when HPL would have been a sprightly 22 year old amateur journalist ! Lovecraft was adamantly anti-IRA and believed that the celtic race should subordinate themselves to the British (as part of the dominant Aryan Western Elite). He and Robert Howard would have dialogue over why Conan and other barbarians should not be elevated in stature over the transcendent nobility.

In any event, and in a most jocular salute: Erin Go Bragh!

The Madness From the Sea: Part 3 18 April 1925

Why Lovecraft picked that day is subject to speculation. Chrispy does not know. However, one suspects that HPL was persuing minerals at the Patterson Museum and came across this as a packing paper.

In any event, only two notable items have surfaced on this date. On 18 April 1925 th first U.S. commercial transcontinental radio transmission of radio facsimile was sent from San Francisco, CA to New York City; nine photographs were transmitted and each took seven minutes.

``shudders`` were these nine pictures of Cthulhu Island?? :)

Also on 18 April 1925 a long standing 100 degree record heat hit Dallas, Texas. Did the dreams of madness boil Texas?

The Madness From the Sea: Part 2 - Dunedin N.Z.


Ah, Cthulhu Cruises takes us next to Dunedin, New Zealand. Latitude is 45° 52' South and Longitude is 170° 30' East

The Madness From the Sea: Part 1 - Valparaiso

^c. 1910^
^Naval School^
^Sailors Walking In City^
^A Night View of the Harbor c. 1900^

Chrispy wrote a parallel tale of what happened to poor Johansen and Briden. You may read it at HLnet (click). However, let's take a look at what Francis Wayland Thurston would have known and seen way back in 1927! Some of it is courtesy of that wonderful time machine known as ebay. :)

First we start with, "The Morrison co.'s freighter Vigilant, bound from Valparaiso... The Vigilant left Valparaiso March 25th ..."

The Latitude is 33° 02' South and Longitude is 71° 38' West

This shows the approximate route the vessel would have taken to New Zealand.

Would Lovecraft Have Been a Member of the Pi club?

In the Dreams In the Witch House mathematics reigns magical. Now there is a church of The Acolytes of Pi.

The full story will be atttached to comments, but these folks recite Pi to the 100,000th decimal place with suave confidence. 16 hours straight of recitation and they are in geometric ratio nirvana.

Lovecraftian fiction meets reality.

Lovecraft Inspired Comic: Garfield

"The men were frankly nonplussed by the entire case, and could find no convincing common element to link the strange vegetable conditions ..." Colour Out of Space


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Lovecraft's Providence: South Main

What I like most about these undated photographs is that the photographer had a phone number that started with Dexter !

Lovecraft Comic Allusion: Ziggy

Shadow Over Innsmouth, "As I told you, there probably ain't more'n 400 people in the whole town ... I guess they're ... full of secret things. They get a lot of ... lobsters and ... Queer how the fish swarm right there and nowhere else. Nobody can ever keep track of these people, and state school officials and census men have a devil of a time. You can bet that prying strangers ain't welcome around Innsmouth. I've heard ... of more'n one business ... man that's disappeared ... and there's loose talk of one who went crazy .... "

Lovecraft Inspired Comics

Chrispy is introducing a new and continuing feature today. Comics he believes are inspired (usually indirectly) by Lovecraft. At the margin of your screen you will find the Ill-Tempered Bear Strip that is a regular internet feature. It is the creation of my writer colleague Jason Bierens and his colleague.

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L Sprague de Camp's Biography

Many have taken exception to this biography. Frank Belknap Long wrote a long monograph biography to counter it, and S T Joshi has cast scorn on parts of it. de Camp was a classic and well received science fiction writer, a science popularizer, and a skeptic in the true sense as (I'm sure) belonged to CSICOP.

However this is an interesting quote from a magician seller of Houdini aarcana on ebay (15 March 2007), "This is a toss up on who is more shallow, the author {de Camp} or Lovecraft {as to Houdini?}"

HPL to Clark Ashton Smith on 29 August 1934

This item seen for auction on ebay on 15 March 2007) Described thusly: ... a souvenir folder (postcard) of Nantucket. This item is signed and inscribed by the author H. P. Lovecraft: "Yes for the Eban Tide / Ech-Pi-El." This souvenir folder is addressed in Lovecraft's hand to Clark Ashton Smith. Clark Ashton Smith was a writer and friend of Lovecraft who is also known for his sculptures of the entities appearing in Lovecraft's stories. This item was purchased in 1988 from Harry R. Levin "A Premier Purveyor of Science Fiction and Fantasy Rarities." The price back then was $250. (The sales invoice is included with this auction.)

There is a typo as it is Barry Levin who sold the item. Levin is listed on many sites and on one (29 Dec 2006) it is stated in caveat emptor - "In the last few years, I have seen a rise in the number of forged autographs of science fiction, fantasy, and horror authors, including Howard Phillips Lovecraft ..."

Chrispy has not yet found a reference for the "Yes for Eban Tide" allusion.

Robert Bloch on an HPL Obscurantia Question

This seen (on ebay of 14 March 2007) & Described thusly by seller with bold by Chrispy:

... a hand written letter from author Robert Bloch to Sean McCarthy. The letter is dated March 26, 1991, and answers some questions that Sean must have asked in a previous letter. It is written on green, 8.5 x 11 inch paper. The text is as follows:
Dear Sean McCarthy: I've not heard about any H.P. Lovecraft detective film, and don't even know who Fred Ward is.There was, it seems to me, a book either by or featuring Frank Belkamp Long, in which Lovecraft solved a murder in New York in the 1920s - but I don't know the title. IT wasn't a semi-biography, but entirely fictional, and didn't make much of an impression on Lovecraft fans.No, I don't know where Colin Clive is buried, or how one would go about finding out. Since he died in 1937, when I lived in Milwaukee, it's difficult to determine the circumstances: his widow died in 1966 and there were no offspring. His actual death, like James Whales' seems to have been downplayed because of circumstances surrounding it. People I know who worked with him (Boris Karloff, Elsa Lanchester, Frances Drake) avoided talking about him - or Whale. Strange.The volume of the mis-titled COMPLETE ROBERT BLOCH I received is in paperback, though there seems to have been a hardcover too. Happy Easter!Robert Bloch.

This letter is guaranteed to be genuine, hand-written and signed by Robert Bloch. Sean McCarthy was a horror, sci-fi, and fantasy fan. He would write to many famous people, even sending them birthday cards. Some of the famous people would write back. This letter was in Sean's personal correspondence and was part of his estate. It has never been offered for sale before.

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Chrispy Off On A Trip

Thank each of you for reading. There are nearly 600 archived articles on Lovecraftiana - peruse! In the meantime, if you want to read my latest King In Yellow Story go to Also, there you will find numerous interviews, books reviews, non-fiction essays, and dozens of Chrispy's stories.

My writer colleagues have their own stories, so if I'm not your cup of laudanum tea, then there should be many other horrific choices to ... taste.

I'll be back from my Chicago research trip soon !

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Lovecraft's Description of Pawtuxett In Charles Dexter Ward

^Pawtuxett River c. 1910^
Obviosuly this is NOT wilderness

^Edgewood Yacht Club c. 1910^

"trim Edgewood" as Lovecraft describes it?

^Main Street Pawtuxett c. 1910^

Lovecraft says, "sleepy Pawtuxett spread out ahead"

One thinks Lovecraft's version of Pawtuxett and Edgewood as backwaters is a bit of an exageration. In 1927, they were probably nice bedroom communities and playgrounds for the Providence elite. The river had many boat and yacht clubs.

Lovecraft Photos And More

Here are some great Lovecraft snapshots, some Klarkashton art, and one HPL sketch.

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Alan Eames Passes: Strange Maine Notice

A must-read blog entry by (click here) Michele at Strange Maine !

Here is an exerpt of the obituary notice of Alan Eames - a one-of-a-kind man who walked his own path. "Mr. Eames had a life-long passion for ghost stories. In the awful, Eames found strange beauty and of these things, he was a scholar without peer. He had great admiration for the author, HP Lovecraft. Together, he and his wife successfully created the Lovecraft in Vermont Festival in 2006 as a celebration of Lovecraft’s life and ties to Vermont."

Salute !

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The Black Swamp: Part 13 Finale

Chrispy had to end this series with 13 !

The swamp exists today. It is claimed to be as hard to reach as it was 80 or more years ago.

The Eddys claimed in their memoirs that HPL virtually collapsed in the heat, but the letter to Long shows little evidence of this. Lovecraft tended to tolerate heat well - the Eddy's say so in their memoirs. In fact, Lovecraft speaks that the legend of the Dark Swamp was located "in the autumn". The Long letter is dated 8 November ! One does wonder when this trip took place!

The exciting part is that only a short time after meeting CM Eddy - a mere few weeks - they are off on many adventures of enormous portent - including to locate the beast of the Dark Swamp.

Lovecraft clearly is endeared by CM Eddy and his family as he uses the affectionate, " So on that Sunday my son and I took the stage ...". Lovecraft, the elder statesman in his demeanor and posture, refers to Eddy as "son". This clearly means, that for better or worse, CM Eddy was respected and befriended by HPL!

The Black Swamp: Part 12

Here is the major portion of a letter that decribes the episode:

"So on that Sunday my son and I took the stage for Chepachet, and in due time alighted before the Tavern ... In the tap-room they had never heard of Dark Swamp, but the landlord told us to ask the Town Clerk, two houses down the road beyond the White Church {Chepachet Union Church}, who knows everything in the parish. He told us, that the Dark Swamp had a very queer reputation, and that men had gone in who never came out; but confest he knew little of it, and had never been near it. At his suggestion we went across the road to the cottage of a very intelligent yeoman nam’d Sprague, whom he reported to have guided a party of gentlemen from Brown University thro’ parts of the swamp in a quest of botanick specimens some twelve years gone."

"Sprague dwells in a trim colonial with pleasing doorway and good interior mantels and paneling; and tho’ it turned out that ‘twas not he who guided the gentlemen, he prov’d uncommon genial and drew us a map by which we might reach the house of Fred Barnes, who did guide them. After a long walk over the same highroad travers’d by Mortonius [ James F. Morton and H.P.L. set out on the September journey to climb Durfee Hill but finding it too late, they decided to go to Pascoag instead.] and me, we came to Goodman Barnes’ place; and found him after waiting all of thirty-five minutes in his squalid kitchen. When he did arrive, he had not much to say; but told us to find ‘Squire James Reynolds, who dwells at the fork of the back road beyond the great reservoir, {Bowdish Reservoir} south of the turnpike."

"Again in motion, we stopt not till we came to Cody’s Tavern, built in 1683, and still affording best entertainment for man and beast. Tho’ Eddy much feared that the coach-passengers wou’d engross all the landlord’s attention, in preference to mere foot travellers, we were receiv’d with proper civility and given excellent food … The tavern lyes on the main Putnam Pike; but shortly after quitting it and passing the reservoir we turn’d south into the backwoods, coming in proper season to Squire Reynolds’ estate. He told us, that we had better take the right fork of the road, over the hills to Ernest Law’s farm; declaring that Mr. Law owns Dark Swamp, and that it was his son who had cut wood at the edge of it."

"Following the Squire’s directions, we ascended a narrow rutted road betwixt picturesque woods and stone walls; coming at last to a crest that stood mysteriously limned against the fire and gold of a late afternoon sky. Another moment and we had spied the stretch beyond it: to the right the antient farmhouse of Mr. Law, and to the left the most gorgeous and spectacular agrestic panorama that either of us had been beheld or indeed conceiv’d to exist."
"Were this Prodigious prospect anywhere within the easie reach and knowledge of the town, ‘twould be flockt with and noisy revellers on every Sunday and bank-holiday; but obscurity hath effected that unusually’d preservation which is impotent to achieve, this region being far from any great road, and north of a district very flat and notable for its want of pleasing scenes. I doubt that ten men in Providence are sensible it is on the globe. Here, surely, is the inmost spirit of antient New-England; that vivid woos of Mother Earth which our forefathers, and the Indian savages before them, knew and understood so well. We found Mr. Law … [who]…informed us, that Dark Swamp lyes in the distant bowl betwixt two of the hills we saw; and that ‘tis two miles from his house to the nearest part of it, by a winding road and a cart-path. He said, the peasants have a little exaggerated its fearful singularities, tho’ it is yet a very odd place, and ill to visit at night."

{HPL's Poem written at top of hill}

Far as the Eye can see, behold outspread
The serried Hills that own no Traveler’s Tread;
Dome behind Dome, and on each flaming Side
The hanging Forests in their virgin Pride.

Here dips a Vale, and here a Mead extends,
Whilst tho’ the piny Strath a Brooklet bends:
Yon farther Slopes to violet Aether fade,
And sunset Splendour gilds the nearer Glade:

Rude Walls of Stone in pleasing Zig-zag run
Where well-plac’d Trees salute the parting Sun;
Vext with the Arts that puny Men proclaim,
Nature speaks once, and puts them all the shame!

The Black Swamp of Chepatchet: Part 11

"It was a quest of the grotesque and terrible – a search for Dark Swamp, in Northwestern
Rhode-Island, of which Eddy had heard sinister whispers among the rusticks. They whisper
that it is very remote and very strange, and that no one has ever been completely thro’ it
because of the treacherous and unfathomable potholes, and the antient trees whose thick
boles grow so closely together that passage is difficult and darkness omnipresent even at
noon, and other things, of which bobcats – whose half-human howls and heard in the
night by peasants near the edge – are the very least. It is a very peculiar place, and no house
was ever built within two miles of it. The rural swains refer to it with much evasiveness,
and not one of them can be induc’d to guide a traveler through it; altho’ a few intrepid hunters
and wood-cutters have plied their vocations on its fringes. It lyes in a natural bowl surrounded
by low ranges of beautiful hills; far from any frequented road, and known to scarce a dozen persons outside the immediate country. Even in Chepachet, the nearest village, there are but two men who ever heard of it. Eddy discover’d its rumour at the Chepachet Post Office one bleak autumn evening when huntsmen gather’d about the fire and told tales and exprest wonder why all the squirrels and rabbits had left the hills and fled across the plain into Connecticut. One very antient man with a flintlock said that IT had moved in Dark Swamp, and had cran’d ITS neck out of the abysmal pothole beneath which IT has ITS immemorial lair.
And he said his grandfather had told him in 1849, when he was a very little boy, that IT
had been there when the first settlers cam; and that the Indians believed that IT had always
been there. The antient man with the flintlock was the only one present who had ever heard of Dark Swamp."

—Letter to Frank Belknap Long, November 8, 1923

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Bill Schoebelen: Part 1

William Schnoebelen is a voice I dare say you've never heard. Chrispy has attended lectures, read books, and watched his videos for years. Through his voice, you will hear a great story teller with a unique and startling way of looking at HPL.

As much as I respect everyone, Schnoebelen's 1993 interpretation of HPL is far off the mark, historically. Mythically, it is spot on the way most understand ol' Ech Pi El.

In a series, we will look at the text in "Lucifer Dethroned" (hereafter LD) which is Schnoebelen's autobiography. For brevity's sake, I will reference it here, and you will know it is the book.

"{Aleister} Crowley's gods are supposedly outside our universe. They are Transyuggotian (from beyond Yuggoth, an occult term for the planet Pluto), to use the term from occultist/author H.P. Lovecraft". p. 206 LD.

If you've followed any of Chrispy's blogging and deconstruction, you know that HPL was an atheist and did NOT believe in any magic or supernaturalism at all. His poem Fungi from Yuggoth was a mythic experiment. Lovecraft believed there was a 9th planet based on his understanding of mathematical astronomy, but it was decades before Yuggoth was identified with the late-in-life revelation that Pluto existed.

There is some minor evidence that Crowley MAY have read some snippets of Lovecraft or heard of him through secondary or oral conveyance in science fiction fandom. Most of it comes from the mysterious author Simon of the pseudonymous Necronomicon. (See more click here) The truth is that Crowley worked in his own self-serving and ego-centric world and needed no help from a scribbler from Providence. Had Crowley heard much of HPL - which is tenuous - it would have been a few years after HPL died and too late to incorporate in Crowley's long life's work.

Remember, HPL was very obscure, and save for Weird Tales (Henneberger, Farnsworth), and Houdini (who died in 1926), he was virtually unknown by 1937. It was his dear friends who kept his works alive.

However, through Derleth's pronounced dualism and syncetic construction of a Mythos pantheon, others began to take tangents and create a far more "Mythos" world view. This is quite apparent in almost all popular American interpretations of the Mythos - and in many cases a sectarian cultism has grown to include the Mythos in qabbalism and magick.

Lovecraft's Eclipses

For a list of all lunar eclipses (click here).
In honor of HPL's love of all things lunar and lunatick ... here are last night's eclipse images.

HPL often quoted the KJV, so here is Joel 2:30,31 And I will shew wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood, and fire, and pillars of smoke ... and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day ...
Very American Apocalyptic. :) One thinks of the coming of Nyarlathotep?


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