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Who Am I?

A fan of HPL. Back in about 2002, I first got a taste of HPL when someone walked into my office at the end of a long day, and blurted out "Lovecraft". What is a Lovecraft I wondered? Man, do I know now.

What's this blog all about?

HPL. His ancestry, his life, his friends, his legacy, and his interpretations. It appears no one has done this before, this way, on a blog format. Yes there are countless blogs, but they tend (no offence) to rehash a lot of what is found in books. This is important because those books are very expensive and out of reach of most people. More needs to be digitized.


Well, I write horror. Back when I was just beginning to write a lot, I joined a group called the Terrible-12, or T-12. It had perhaps 30 or so members over the years before it disbanded. From that group and its collateral horror blog in zoetrope came may award winners and publishers still active today. It was an incubator, and I wish there were others like it. I ended up being the all time read-leader at over 100,000 when the group stopped.

A few of my stories atre on my story blog, and if you google me you will still find a few out there on the "cloud".

Antiquarian Thread

Well, in the creation of horror, I went back and read almost every thing I could get my hands on. Good, bad, and indifferent. From that research, I got acquainted with the most notable horror and weird tale writers, and my opinions differ markedly from many other critics. Horror is not mood, but a concrete sub-genre of fantasy. However, it shifts with each generation, each community, and each individual. This is very different from romance, westerns, or even science-fiction. Those genres are pretty well defined by critics and practitioners. Not so horror. It is what it is, sorry to say, and what scares and terrifies one select group of individuals is quite different from another. Therefore, I and some of my biddies form time to time resucitate the "antiquarian thread of horror". In that we celebrate the somewhat unknown practitioners of horrific arts - writing, story telling, and graphic depictions. Many of these were part time amateurs, and others were accidental practioners on their way to creating other forms of fantasy.


I have begun to write more and more essays. Look for them on this blog and elsewhere.


I will never impress critics, but I can put together poems and epics that please my fans. Look for them from time to time.


I live in Kentucky. I ride the back roads and look at the odd and rhombic shadows cast.


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