Sunday, November 30, 2014

Brief update

Just looked in on the blog.  A quarter-million hits.  Who would have thought?

Technology moves fast.

I recall agonizing over learning to blog.  Now if you don't vlog, no one seems to care.  But at some point one has to draw the line with time expended for a non-paying gig.  But I will never say never. Let's see what a year from now brings.

There is still huge amounts of data on HPL, and his legacy marches on.  It is not going the way a lot of people thought, though.  Those who took over in the  post-Derleth era are now aging.  And the ones who are taking up the legacy and making up yet another "new circle" are going places that are interesting.  Just as exploitative in their own way, they are making (or re-making) HPL into something malleable to conform to their ideals.

I don't particularly care for this "new Lovecraft", but as a blog-chronicler I don't have a say in that.

One thing that concerns me is all this hype over Lovecraft's racism.  Racism and Ethnism is horrific in all its forms.  But I have yet to met a perfect person, nor a person who is completely unshackled from their personal prejudices.  It is difficult, perhaps, to enjoy a writer who has been set up on a pedestal as an idol, or at least an ideal - and have that statue fall and crack.  But to read a story is not to become the person who write it, any more than to look at a painting and become the painter.  It is a piece of art, to be enjoyed, or rejected, or ignored.  It is great that HPL is still relevant and enjoyed.  That we know more about him each year should be celebrated, not make us cringe.

He is dead, and he cannot be resurrected and changed.  Though wouldn't that be a fun little Lovecraft story.


Chris Perridas has quietly worked on learning more about HPL and his family.  Some of it I have had the energy to put up on line in various blogs and websites.  The rest - well I only have so much time.  Believe me there is a great deal more and I hope that one day it all gets online and shared.

One thing that stunned me was that when i was doing my non-stop 25 hour a day research, the internet was far more robust and search engines took me deeper into data mining.  A lot of that technology has either went into paid markets (like ad ware?) and that you and I no longer have access.   Stuff I found easily before I can't now.  I know it is there, I just can't get it.  But I did copy it.  Maybe that was intuition?  Maybe it was - as I sometimes believe - Lovecraft's ghost directing me to do this stuff.

If HPL's ghost was present and guiding, and I think he and his grandfather may have done so, they are very quiet now.  I guess they have found other willing workers, or their restless spirits have now been satisfied that more of their story has been told.

Online attention spans are much shorter than 10 years ago.  But for those who still are interested, enjoy the blog posts.

I don't check emails much because spam long ago overwhelmed the mailbox.  So I am sorry if you did not get answered.  For those of you who have worthwhile projects, I wish you luck, but I am not reviewing projects any more.  I just can't.

Those who post comments, that's great.  I see them, and if they are appropriate, I publish them.  But for the most part, this is an historical blog now.  It is here, but I am not active on it - but I think you can tell that.

So, I just stopped by to write a few comments, and to thank all who read this blog.

So until I stop by again --

All the best!


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Unknown said...

Thanks very much for your thorough explanation of the state of your blog, & for your thoughtful custody of Lovecraft's legacy in general.
Have to agree with you about the racism issue -- it's not that I wish to deny that HPL was racist, so much as that it seems the wrong thing to focus on. His racism was more of a personal foible than a driving factor of his life; his weird writing WAS the driving factor. There are multitudinous artists of many types who were racist, misogynist, religious bigots, &cetera -- for most of them, their popular perception does NOT focus or hinge upon this aspect; if it is brought up at all, it is merely mentioned in passing. Unfortunate that so many have become fixated on the Old Gentleman's Achilles Heel...
Sorry to preach to the choir on this. I do enjoy re-reading your blog.


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