Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Pale Mansion

... The Pale Mansion tells the story of one Arthur Bollingham, an heir to the eponymous estate. As the young man will soon find out, the Pale Mansion is not just any old house, and living there might not be as healthy as in other places of the country...

Chrispy had a chance to read through, this and if you like stories with the antiquarian pace of H. P. Lovecraft (would you be reading this if you didn't?) then check out The Pale Mansion!


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New CD Release: Shorter Horror of M R James

Press Release, 18 July 2011

Nunkie Productions release a CD of rare material by the Master of the English ghost story

The Shorter Horror of M R James
Read by R M Lloyd Parry

Are there, here and there, sequestered places which some
curious creatures still frequent… ?

Montague Rhodes James [1862 – 1936] asked this question at the end of A Vignette, the last ghost story he ever wrote. This enigmatic, eerie tale is set in his childhood home in Suffolk, and apparently relates an authentic supernatural experience, one that he says “has had some formidable power of clinging through many years to my imagination.” It was published in a London magazine five months after his death, and is one of nine shorter, lesser-known works included on this pleasingly terrifying new double CD – two of which have never been recorded before.

Curious Creatures… also includes: A Livermere Poem ● A Night in King’s College Chapel ● The Malice of Inanimate Objects ● Rats ● A School Story ● There Was a Man Dwelt by a Churchyard ● After Dark in the Playing Fields ● Stories I Have Tried to Write

The CD is performed and produced by actor and playwright Robert Lloyd Parry. Since 2005 he has toured a trilogy of one-man shows based on six of M R James’s best-loved tales around the UK, USA and Ireland. Reviewing the first of these, The Times said “Lloyd Parry catches the sense of dread that gives James his originality”. In 2008 he was award the Dracula Society’s Hamilton Deane Award for Best Performance in the Gothic Genre.

Curious Creatures – The Shorter Horror of M R James is available for £16.99 inc. p+p from www.nunkie.co.uk

For further details please contact Robert Lloyd Parry on roblloydparry@hotmail.com or 07722 859011.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Chrispy is back !

2,795 blog posts.

I had to take a break, my dear readers. Not that I rested, oh no. But I have recently been flooded with new items from many good people, and it is time to start setting them down for each of you to review.

I am continuing to write on a Whipple V. Phillips biography, and a lengthy (multi-year?) new biography of Young Lovecraft (pre-1914). There has been so much new material I've found, I feel that it is worthy of an endeavor. Oh, if I only live long enough to finish it!

OK, starting tomorrow and following, I will begin to give you new information on items that have been forwarded to me. If you are one of those, I will get it up as soon as I am physically able to do so.

Onward ...


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