Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Mars Has a National Anthem ?

Chrispy has been doing a lot of old newspaper researching. I have found a lot of things that are amazing, but this one pretty much takes the cake.

It does not appear to be a ruse, or if it is, many authorities looked at it with some curiosity. One seems to have been Arthur Conan Doyle, by then a convinced and credulous believer of all things psychic.

The "Mrs. James" seeems to be the key in this, and Mrs. Robinson was none too happy about the whole situation, as will be seen below. If there was sexual component to all this Martian moaning, the news was not forthcoming.

A little more digging, and the conclusion of this was pretty quick.

"Mars Remains Silent, After Radio Message. Dr. Mansfield Robinson of London Insists He Knows People Up There Who Want to Talk to Him.

"LONDON--Small ears and long antennae in England strained in vain Wednesday to catch a return message from the big eared folk of Mars, to whom a wireless message was dispatched early Wednesday morning.

"Dr. Mansfield Robinson, author of the message, who professes acquaintance with the Martians through telepathic means, clings stoutly to his faith in the possibility of interplanetary conversations. He admits that no response was received, but insists that his friends up yonder are anxious to exchange good wishes with him. ..."

"In the meantime Mrs. Robinson, wife of the doctor, remained an exasperated woman, shooing away reporters. ... She declared boldly that the experiment was nonsensical."

Source: Albuquerque Journal
Oct. 25 & 31, 1928


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