Monday, February 07, 2011

Little Girl Allergic to Cold

This is not precisely what HPL developed in his middle years, but it shows how his symptoms were not psychosomatic. HPL had what is sometimes referred to as poikilothermia. Thank goodness he wasn't allegic to ice cream ! Note that this poor little girl has a collateral fatigue symdrome, as did HPL.

Priscilla can’t make a snowman or venture out on chilly, crisp winter mornings as the slightest cold could kill her.

Even having an ice-cream on a hot day is ruled out.

She suffers from cold urticaria which means she can rapidly develop hives and can even stop breathing should she get too cold.

Her parents, Colleen and Craig, have to monitor the temperature of their home in New York because the slightest drop can cause Priscilla to develop itchy hives all over her body.

‘There are times she gets upset, especially when she can’t go out and play with her friends or go swimming in the pool in the summer,’ said her mother.

'But if she goes out in the cold, eats or drinks anything cold or if her bath isn’t a certain temperature, she gets hives from head to toe, can start vomiting and has trouble breathing.

'The hives can last from just a couple of hours to up to three days at a time, and it’s not just the hives she feels ill and lethargic too.

'Her condition is so severe that if she doesn’t take her medication, she could die and that is always a fear in the back of my mind.

'We do everything we can to keep her warm.'

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