Monday, August 03, 2009

A Different Providence Scene (1912)

I don't usually discuss Lovecraft's prejeudices on the HPL blog, but that's mostly due to the amount of time available for research. Still, it's not unusual for immigrant populations to create xenophobia in the indigenous population. Before we throw stones at HPL, we should examine our own 21st century reflections. However, HPL might have been suprised if he were invited to visit an italian house. As far as Chrispy knows, he didn't, so here's a chance to introduce a family to HPL vicariously through our eyes. I include an extract from one of his stories...

Early in July the newspapers oddly supplement Blake's entries, though in so brief and casual a way that only the diary has called general attention to their contribution. It appears that a new fear had been growing on Federal Hill since a stranger had entered the dreaded church. The Italians whispered of unaccustomed stirrings and bumpings and scrapings in the dark windowless steeple, and called on their priests to banish an entity which haunted their dreams. Something, they said, was constantly watching at a door to see if it were dark enough to venture forth. Press items mentioned the longstanding local superstitions, but failed to shed much light on the earlier background of the horror.

Italian Family House Providence Rhode Island RI photo
Print Size: 5 x 7 inches
Date of original image: Nov 1912
location of house: 46 Crary St

You can also check out another (Federal Hill) Italian family photo on the HPLblog here

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