Sunday, January 16, 2011

To Wordpress or not to Wordpress?

I think a web log is supposed to be a stream of conscious thing, at least in its original conception. So I'm just going to turn loose today.

Chrispy is thinking of finishing off his 3000th post this year, and in 2010 moving to Wordpress. Pros and Cons!

First, Blogger is speedy and easy. Wordpress is css, and I barely know html.

However, I am easily bored. A new challenge may be what I need.

On the other hand, I hate to slow down on the blogger established crew. You guys have come to depend on this.

But, I could simultaneously post on both for a while. Fran Friel did this for a long time.

Yet, the times are a changin'. Things need to be facebooked easier. Blogger is a little slow about this. Probably because Google competes with Facebook.

So, here's what I'm probably goin' to do. As you can see, above, I'm working a little with Larry and Esteban on their sites. I did some with Dark Recesses and learned quite a bit doing that gig with pals Bailey Hunter and Boyd Harris.

In mid-2010, I thought the world was going to explode with cutting edge Lovecraft sites like mine. However, it turns out, no one is as rusty and musty as Chrispy, and so onward I go blogging about Antiquarian Lovecraft stuff. Others are doing comics, movies, videos, and radio shows, but not on HPL's history. So I guess I is unique.

I do want to revive the fun of the Antiquarian Thread, and with the demise of the Horror Mall vast forum enterprise, I miss it. So, I'm talking with folks, and emailing friends, and I hope that HPLblog 1.0 will morph into HPLblog 2.0 with a vaster scope of antiquarian horror.

Most people don't know about my other interests, so I have added back the connectives at the top of the page. I actually have a Houdini blog but it does not post publicly yet. It focuses on what Houdini did between 1922 and his death in 1926, specifically timed to the interactions of Houdini, CM Eddy, Jr, and HPL. I did this because it was another planned book I never wrote.

I don't feel too bad being behind on writing books. The amount of work I do in articles and blog work probably equals three or four novels a year, and I get much more instant happiness doing the blogs and articles than I would trying to find a publisher, and sweating that I could not promote a book like I should, since I really don't travel much. Just too tied down.


sandySTC said...

Funny, I went from wordpress to blogger. I do know css, but I felt that wordpress was a bit "clunky". I enjoyed editing it for awhile, though. :)

OpenPhotoNum said...

Wordpress is a very good tool like Joomla or Drupal etc... But it's also a lot of work to see all possibilities of such tools generally dedicated to "big" site. Other solution less "heavy" is little CMS without databases (like Pluck or pivot) or more easier to apprehend CMS like CMS Made Simple, CMSimple, etc...) Less possibilituies but more liberty on writting.

Make a search in da google, see the exxisting sites, see the demos, try one or two in your comlputer and when you feel at ease just cross the line



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