Sunday, August 01, 2010

Derleth in Saturday Review

I wa sonly able to find a snippet, and then trace it back to an Ebay copy of Saturday Review, September 19, 1959, p.59 in the classified ads.

I can only see, "Howard Phillips Lovecraft: Correspondence and other items ..." It seems surely that this is a Derleth advertisement.


In the same issue on page 25, Derleth has a letter to the editor stating:

Sauk City's Literary Values

Apropos John Clardi's stimulating piece on the BIG TABLE controversy it seems ... {...} ... ought to be allowed to do so. The faculty overssers acted properly in removing these contributions from under university sponsorship, but general censorship is another matter.

August Derleth
Sauk City, Wisconsin

If anyone can fill in the missing controversy from this issue, please drop me an email

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