Sunday, July 26, 2009

Do you know Lovecraft?

I just took a "Big Five" test and then did the same test for Lovecraft. I'd like a few of you to rate Lovecraft, too, and email me the results. I'll post them.

The link is:

Here's the results I got - it may prejudice your results, but so what? Most people are honest, and so I'll also post my numbers in case I was projecting myself on HPL - as is a tendency of researchers to do.

These are "bell curve" phenomena, and like IQ, the farther from 50 points, the more atypical the individual is, and should be quick to spot.

I'll be writing more about this kind of test(GOCASE), though it will be "Big Six" not five. G is general intelligence, but it's a given HPL was precocious and therefore one assumes a high IQ - just a SWAG but maybe 130?

Anyway, my numbers were:
Openness 80% (I join a lot of groups, love research)
Conscientiousness 52% (I scored lower than expected)
Extroversion 27% (despite blogging, I do tend to be socially shy)
Agreableness 22% (Ask my writer's circle, I can be cranky)
neurotic 60% (I worry, therefore I am)


Lovecraft at about 30 years old:
Openness 84% (enjoys new experiences)
Conscientiousness 17% (messy desk!)
Extroversion 74% (social and enjoys company)
Agreeableness 4% (quick to criticize)
Neurotic 71% (anxious and nervous) I may have rated this a little high, but the man did speak frequently of suicidal tendencies).


If several of us rate HPL, we might be closer to a concensus on his true nature independent of our prejudices. You can post your results, too.

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