Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Parody of Lovecraft (1921)


"FALCO OSSIFRACUS " - by "Mr. Goodguile"
Published in "The Muffin Man" - edited by Edith Miniter

So significant is this humorous piece by Edith Miniter that S. T. Joshi, in his landmark biography of Howard Phillips Lovecraft "H. P. Lovecraft: A Life", devotes a half page describing the piece and giving its history (p. 197).

Lovecraft at this time was attending a meeting of the "Hub-Club" occupied by the noted women amateurs Winifred Jackson, Laurie A. Sawyer, and Edith Joshi relates - "Edith Miniter issued...a journal entitled "The Muffin Man"...which contained her exquisite parody of Lovecraft - 'Falco Ossifracus' by Mr. Goodguile...this little squib is a clear take-off of "The Statement of Randolph Carter...Miniter manages to get in effective jabs at Lovecraft's heaviy laid-on atmosphere of grue...Lovecraft took the whole thing in good humour as he noted in his memoir of Miniter it being a 'highly amusing parody" (HPL)...

The first parody of HPL ever written and if you are familiar with his literary musings you will catch the tasty cleverness of this piece.

This was the only amateur-zine ever issued by Ms. Miniter and is quite scarce.
Fine condition with string-tie and unfolded!

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