Friday, February 16, 2007

Very Rare Image of The Lovecrafter (1936)

^seen on ebay^
If this is truly a sheet from The Lovecrafter, it is a shame to see it in such an historic state. See notes below.
The ebay seller states: This is an auction for a cut out poem entitled "A Sonnet" from The Lovecrafter by H.P. Lovecraft. The text is legible, and in good condition. The poem is from a August 20, 1936 issue, Volume 47 Number 1.

^A recently seen internet (not Ebay) auction.^

Donald Wolheim and Wilson Shepard – perhaps printed out of Oakman, Alabama – printed The Lovecrafter for the 20 August 1936 birthday celebration of their friend. It is described as the one and only available edition of 203 mm x 126 mm. Only 16 copies were known to be printed – one on rag paper and 15 on regular paper. The rag and one paper were all allegedly given to Lovecraft and are said to reside in the Lovecraft collection of the John Hay Library. The other 14 copies were widely dispersed and, if they exist, are in collectors’ hands.

The poem is from sonnet number XXX (30) of The Fungi from Yuggoth. ). The broadside is from 1936. The date on the broadside is in honour of HPL's 46th birthday, not the actual date of publication.

A recent copy for sale was starting bid at $3000.

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