Saturday, February 10, 2007

Lovecraft's Legacy: 1997

Fanzines are a bit less prevalent these days. Perhaps blogs, forums, Youtube, Myspace, and other venues have surplanted or crowded them out. However, the glory days of the brilliant Stanley Sargent (The Black Brat of Dunwich) and the incomparable Willum Hopfrog Pugmire, Jr. make this item a desirable read. Reverend Price is always a brilliant mind in a Mythos crowded field, as well.

In any event, here is a rare item recently seen. Sixty years Lovecraft's death, the love of Lovecraft continued!

Chrispy did not have the good fortune to read this one, and has ceased collecting due to lack of space. Hundreds of books in my present library preempt the acquision of more - lest the superstructure of the house fail. :)

The World Of H. P. Lovecraft #4, Winter/Spring 1997. Edited by Les Thomas. A Lovecraftian fanzine with a good lineup including stories, poetry, art and more by Robert Price, Stanley Sargent, David Barker,Wilum Pugmire, D. F. Lewis, Robert H. Knox, Allen Koszowski (who will sign the issue), and others. Digest sized, and side stapled with 44 pages plus covers.

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