Thursday, February 01, 2007

Thank you!

January 2007 had the greatest response by YOU, the HPLblog readers, ever !!

That my little hobby has captivated your interest when there is so much in your day to day bustle to compete with this endeavor is a bit overwhelming for me.

I see something that lets me see ol Ech Pi El in a new light or with a different angle, I post it, and YOU read it. It is a wonderful experience.

Just so you know, hundreds and hundreds of you from dozens of countries stopped by to read and comment in January. I appreciate it.

I try to keep it interesting for you. I also work at removing the typos, but if you can envision a bleary eyed guy late at night blogging text - forgive me the occassional - or even frequent - foibles !

Our next goal - onward past 500 posts and towards 10,000 reads !!

(If you like fiction, don't forget to stop by and read Chrispy's stories at

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