Friday, February 23, 2007

Prospect Terrace & Charles Dexter Ward.

^1904 View from Prospect Terrace^
Lovecraft would be 14 then, not a child.

^1914 View from Prospect Terrace^

Lovecraft would be 24 then, and the scene very different assuredly, from that of when he was 3 0r 4.

Today, the Providence Ghost Tour apparently meets at Prospect Terrace (Roger Williams Statue) on Congdon St a few streets above Benefit.

"He had been wheeled, too, along sleepy Congdon Street, one tier lower down the steep hill, and with all its eastern homes on high terraces. ... The nurse used to stop and sit on the benches of Prospect Terrace to chat with policemen, and one of the child's first memories was of the great westwardsea of hazy roofs and domes and steeples and far hills which he saw one winter's afternoon from that great railed embankment."

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