Thursday, February 22, 2007

Andre Norton

Chrispy knows this is far afield, but it is just too nice to pass up.

We have several objects in our house that belonged to our friend, author Andre Norton. We were away from home when she died. It wasn't unexpected since she was in her nineties and in poor health but it saddened my husband and me. We have two lamps that used to be in her office. She had closed her house and moved in with a caregiver a few months earlier and sent some of her things home with us. One of her lamps now sits on the dresser in our bedroom and the other down the hall in my husband's study. The first night we were home after her death, at around 4 am, both the lamps came on. This happened regularly a week or so apart up until around three months ago. One woman I told this story to said she had heard Andre often liked to write in the early morning hours, like around 4 am. I would love to think she visited us on those nights when her lamps came on and maybe she's still writing on the other side. --Holly

Here is a wonderful interview of the great writer (click) with this nice pericope: "The biggest book shop in Cleveland also had a sales table, where they placed books that hadn't sold during the Christmas season. One book which I recognized right away was The Outsider and Others by H. P. Lovecraft, the first Arkham House book. It was priced at $1.50. I bought it, and still have it today.”

Salute to Andre Norton !!

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