Saturday, February 24, 2007

Lovecraft's Legacy: 1999 (Weird Tales & Announcement of New HPL Story)

THE FANTASTIC WORLDS OF H.P. LOVECRAFT (1999, edited by James Van Hise) is 8 1/2 x 11, 192 pages with a full color wraparound cover by Robert Knox. Normally sells for $17.95. This paperback book examines Lovecraft's life and work from many perspectives, including a detailed examination of his career as a pulp writer. Will Murray has also provided an all-new 7,500 word article which reveals that a 1932 E. Hoffman Price story is a previously unknown Lovecraft collaboration, an assertion supported by extracts from Lovecraft & Price correspondence. There are also articles by August Derleth, S.T. Joshi, Peter Cannon, Donald Burleson, Ben Indick, Rusty Burke, Robert Weinberg and others. This book also includes some Lovecraft letters not included in the five volume SELECTED LETTERS. Artwork is also prominently featured here, with illustrations by Dave Carson, Ray Capella, Robert Knox, Allen Koszowski, Steve Fabian and Lovecraft himself. Plus there are ten illos reprinted from WEIRD TALES.
[1] HPL: Pulphound by Will Murray,
[2] Story Writing by HPL,
[3] Some Self-Criticism by H.P. Lovecraft,
[4] Lovecraft As An Illustrator by H.P. Lovecraft,
[5] Lost Lovecraftian Pearls: The 'Tarbis' Collaboration by Will Murray,
[6] Lovecraft In Astounding Stories by Robert Weinberg,
[7] Humour Beneath Horror by Donald Burleson,
[8] Lovecraft, Blackwood And Chambers: A Colloquium Of Ghosts by Will Murray,
[9] Howard Phillips Whateley? by Stanley C. Sargent,
[10] HPL: Problems In Critical Recognition by Peter Cannon,
[11] Weird Tales In Retrospect by August Derleth,
[12] A Weird Tales Lovecraftian Art Gallery,
[13] HPL Visits New YorkÐAnd Runs Screaming! by James Van Hise,
[14] Roots of the Miskatonic by Will Murray,
[15] In Search of Arkham Country I by Will Murray,
[16] In Search of Arkham Country II by Will Murray,
[17] An Allen Koszowski Art Folio,
[18] R.H. Barlow And The Recognition of H.P. Lovecraft by S.T. Joshi,
[19] Myths About Lovecraft by August Derleth,
[20] A Look At Lovecraft's Letters by S.T. Joshi,
[21] The Lovecraft/Robert E. Howard Correspondence by Rusty Burke,
[22] Chronological Listing Of H.P. Lovecraft Photographs: Where Reproductions Have Been Published by John Haefele,
[23] The History of the EOD by Ben Indick,
[24] A Pre-Lovecraft Cthulhu Dreamer by Leon L. Gammell,
[25] "Memory" adapted by Eric York, [26] Rusty Chains by John Brunner,
[27] MODERN LOVECRAFT FANDOM AFTERWORD: Amateur Affairs by Hyman Bradofsky

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