Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Lovecraft Legacy: 1945 - 1948

Here are rare images of the Fantasy Commentator, a periodical of Sam Moskowitz & al.

The seller states:

FANTASY COMMENTATOR lot of 10 issues. FANZINE SEARLES, A. Langley (ed.)/ MOSKOWITZ, Sam/ WITTER, RIchard, LOVECRAFT, H.P., RICHARDSON, Darrell C, BALDWIN, F. Lee et. al. A. Langley Searles. Soft cover. Book Condition: Very Good. September 1944 (#3) xerox copy, Winter 1944-45 (#5) xerox copy, Winter 1945-46 (#9) reprinted Nov 1948, 70 copies reprinted and stencils destroyed. Summer 1946 (#11) reprinted December 1948, 75 copies done and stencils destroyed. Fall 1946 (#12) reprinted May 1949: 55 copies done and stencils destroyed. Summer 1947 (#15) original. Fall 1947 (#16) xerox copy. Winter 1948 (#17) Original. Spring 1948 (#18) original. All are stapled. A couple of detached leaves else a VERY GOOD set consitent with the format. Early issues of this long running (55+ YEARS!) fan publication are very uncommon.

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