Saturday, February 10, 2007

Lovecraft's Legacy: 1945

This rare item illustrates, once again, the post- WWII popularity of Lovecraft in the small press arena. David Keller (later to be a doctor) was a young student whom Lovecraft befriended in his last days.

The Garden of Fear (by Robert E Howard): Strange, Fantastic, Adventures In Other Times And Other Worlds. (1945)

This book contains ...

The Garden of Fear ... BY Robert E Howard. From the knoll, Humwolf could see the towns where his mate, Gundar the Beautiful, was held captive. But between them lay the Garden of Fear, where no man dared walk.

The Man with the Hour Glass ... by L. A. Esbach. The people loved Marley Day, when a chosen actor impersonated their national hero by pretending to travel out of the past. But on the eighty-fifth Marley Day, the real Nathan Marley appeared!

Celephais ... by H P Lovecraft. All through life Kuranes searched for the wondrous city of Celephais. Only in death could he find it.

Mars Colonizes ... by Miles J Breuer, MD. A billion Earth people had been eliminated from existence in the high-strung Marianized world. Would the remainder be able to shake off the Martian influences and regain the Earth?

The Golden Bough ... by David H Keller, MD. The castle in the Dark Forest held a strange fascination for the bride of Paul Holland. But it was not until he had read the ancient book and heard the laughing man that Paul understood.

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