Friday, February 23, 2007

Lovecraft's Legacy: 2007

The popularity of Mr. Lovecraft continues to be cross-cultural. This interesting spin speaks of
Lovecraft Biofuels, a "Silver Lake auto shop that San Francisco native Brian Friedman opened smack in the middle of hipster heaven".

"Freshly painted chocolate brown with Lovecraft's Valentine heart logo, the 7-month-old shop at Sunset Boulevard and Sanborn Avenue specializes in converting cars, especially diesel-powered Mercedes built from 1975 to 1989, to run on 100% vegetable oil. "

"He named the business for the science-fiction {*} writer H.P. Lovecraft and aims to spread his message to all types. "I don't want to come off as an 'environmentalist.' That turns a lot of people off," he said. "If I can get truckers to burn thousands of gallons of vegetable oil, that's better than having hippies loving me."

{* The writer staes HPL as an SF writer, which is an interesting (California) cultural spin on Lovecraft's legacy}.

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