Sunday, February 04, 2007

Pickman's Model published in Weird Tales

October 1927 issue of WEIRD TALES with C. C. Senf cover art depicting a scene from The Dark Lore with stories by:H.P. Lovecraft- Pickman's Model, Nictzin Dyalhis- The Dark Lore, Edmund Hamilton- The Time Raider Part 1, E. Hoffman Price- Saladin's Throne-Rug, Robert E. Howard Verse-The Ride of Falume, Donald Wandrei- The Red Brain.

On 22 October 1927 HPL wrote Wandrei, "The Red Brain appealed {to Farnsworth Wright} greatly. " (1) As early as 29 January HPL wrote (2), "That Red Brain ... yes - Wandrei has had glimpses ... outside!" Previously, Wandrei had entitled this "The Twilight of Time" and before that "In the Hundred Billionth Aeon" which he wrote (3) when he entered University at about age 17.
Interestingly, Lovecraft is still not considered Cover material, and takes second place to Seabury Quinn. You know that galled him !!

1. Mysteries of Time and Spirit, p. 174
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