Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Lovecraft's Legacy: 1977

Lovecraft's Legacy began in his lifetme as his correpondents, publishers, and fans realized he had the temperment and ability to inherit Poe's mantle. Upon his death, his close friends wrangled to be his interpreter. Publishers began to haphazardly, and then systematically publish his stories, a few poems, and memoirs after his death in 1937 through the end of WWII. The 1950's saw a downturn, but as the 1960's and Vietnam surged, the baby Boomers discovered HPL and fanzines began to re-emerge. Here is a limited run tyoical of the era.

A WINTER WISH by H.P. Lovecraft. Copyright 1977 by Tom Collins and Stuart David Schiff. First Edition. 2000 Copies, Cloth Bound. Published by Wispers Press

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