Saturday, February 17, 2007

Lovecraft Legacy: Jack Chalker

The left profile was popular, and many fan aritists were inspired to sketch Mr. Lovecraft in homage.

KALEIDOSCOPE Volume 1 #2 Jack Chalker editor and publisher, ("All that a Wonder Story can ever be..." HP quote on Cover) Vol. 1 #2

Jack L. Chalker (1944-2005) Jack L. Chalker passed away peacefully at 11:12AM EST on February 11, 2005. Jack was hospitalized for congested heart failure on December 6. Although there were ups and downs, his condition had been poor during the intervening two months and his kidneys and lungs had failed near the end. He was receiving care in the ICU at Bon Secours in Baltimore, MD.

Biography condensed from

Since 1978 he made his living solely by writing and published over 60 science fiction or fantasy novels and anthologies. During their years of publication, Jack wrote a regular column on SF/fantasy small press for Fantasy Review and continued the column on an irregular basis in Pulphouse magazine.

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