Sunday, February 11, 2007

Lovecraft In Newburyport: 1923

Chrispy thought it would be fun to illustrate Lovecraft's trip (as described to Sam Loveman in a 29 April 1923 letter) to Newburyport.


Embarked for Newburyport, the car took us through some of the choicest scenery of New England ...

Commerce & manufactures ...

^Towle Manufacturing Company^

...have not destroyed the quiet simplicity ...

^An 1883 scene, 50 years previous to HPL's trip^

Crossing Chain Bridge - the oldest suspension bridge in America -

^Three Views of the bridge circa Lovecraft's era^

we approached the suburbs of Newburyport & began to get whiffs & glimpses of the neighboring sea ...

^Yacht Club and Ocean, circa 1910^

& to descry the ancient houses ...

^Collin House Built 1652^

where stands the old mansion of the celebrated eccentric Timothy Dexter.

Perhaps HPL saw this book?

Life of Lord Timothy Dexter With Sketches Of The Eccentric Character That Composed His Associates, INcluding His Own Writing "Dexter's Pickle For The Knowing One." By Samuel L. Knapp and Introduced by "Cymon." Portraits of Himself, His Poet Laureat, and His Mansion as Frontispiece (in Newburyport). Boston. J.G. Tilton & Co. 1858. 4 5/8 by 7 inches bound in blind stamped brown cloth with gilt lettering on spine. 157 pages plus a page advertising pictures of his mansion for sale. There is very light wear at edges- a very good clean copy. Dexter was an American merchant (1747-1806) who made his fortune during the American Revolution buying depreciated Continental currency way below its value.

From HP Lovecraft: Letters to Samuel Loveman and Vincent Starrett, pp. 20-21.

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