Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Providence Blue Book of Society (1905)

A number of folks are listed here, notably:


Prof. and Mrs. Winslow Upton
Mrs. Eleanor Stuart Upton
Professor Astronomy and Dean Brown University
Author: Star Atlas for Schools


Mr. and Mrs. John Rossiter Hess
21 Oriole Avenue
Miss Clara L Hess

{This must be THE Clara Hess of the 1940's anecdotes}

Mrs. Winfield S Lovecraft (nee Phillips )
Mr. Whipple V Phillips
{no adress listed}


Roff. and Mrs. Hohn Howard Appleton (nee Day)
209 Angell Street
Miss Ruth Appleton
Mr. Everard Appleton
Mr. William Day Appleton
Miss Alice Walker Appleton


{Chrispy continues to make a point that the then (1905) late Packard was influential in Beast in the Cave. They were neighbors, as we now can see.)

Prof. and Mrs. Alpeus S{pring} Packard {Jr.} (nee Walcott)
275 Angell Street

Summer Residence: Merepoint, ME
Miss Martha W Packard

{which might explain why HPL had less contact with this professor, plus as a biologist he traveled greatly more than a chemist or an astronomer, one suspects.}

Addison Munroe is prominent:

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