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Addison Munroe biography

From -
History of the state of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations: Biographical
NY: The American Historical Society, Inc. 1920

ADDISON PIERCE MUNROE -- No list of successful business men and eminent citizens of Providence, Rhode Island, but would include the name of Addison Pierce Munroe, retired since August 1, 1909, from the wholesale and retail grocery business. He was then but in the prime of life, yet he had won fortune's favor as a merchant, and although not a member of the dominant party has served in both branches of the General Assembly, and is the father of some important legislation. Successful in business and politics, he is prominent in the patriotic orders, his ancestry tracing to the 'Mayflower', and in its course entitles him to membership in all societies based upon early Colonial residence and Revolutionary service. Of these privileges he has availed himself, and is a member of the Rhode Island Society and of the National Society of Mayflower Descendants, holding official position in both.

The family in Scotland traces to remotest times and in America to William Munro, born in Scotland in 1625. He was taken prisoner at the battle of Worcester by the forces of Cromwell, and on November 11, 1651, was banished to New England by the Protector, along with others. He settled at Lexington, Massachusetts. This branch traces to Thomas Munro, believed to have been a nephew of William Munro, he settling in Bristol, Rhode Island, where his son, John Munroe, was born May 14, 1701. He married Hannah Rosbotham, fifth in descent from Richard Warren, of the 'Mayflower'. The line continues through their son, Stephen Munroe; his son, Burden Munroe; his son, Philip Allen Munroe; his son, Addison Pierce Munroe.

Philip Allen Munroe was born in Swansea, Massachusetts, November 27, 1821, and died in East Providence, September 18, 1908. During his youth he was variously employed, but finally settled in Providence, where he became a grocer, retiring in 1876, leaving a business which extended to Providence, Rehoboth, Seekonk and Swansea. After retiring from mercantile life he devoted himself to the management of his private estate, including thirty houses and stores in East Providence and Providence. He was a fine business man, a Universalist in his religious faith, and an ardent Democrat. He married, at Thompson, Connecticut, December 29, 1844, Delana Pierce, born in Rehoboth, July 13, 1823, died at Barrington, Rhode Island, June 19, 1909, daughter of Isaac and Polly Pierce, of ancient New England family, Isaac Pierce, a soldier of the Revolution, tracing to Captain Michael Pierce. Philip Allen and Delana (Pierce) Munroe were the parents of a large family, this narrative dealing with the life and career of their youngest son and eighth child, Addison Pierce Munroe.

Addison Pierce Munroe was born in Providence, Rhode Island, January 2, 1862, and is yet a resident of his native city. He completed the course of Thayer street grammar school, then studied under a private tutor until entering business life as clerk in the store of his brothers, Lyman F. and Philip A. (2). He continued in their employ until 1885, then formed a partnership with his brother Philip, they opening a grocery at No. 14 Cranston street. They prospered, enlarged that store, and opened another at No. 111 Washington street, Addison P. becoming manager of the new store. Addison P. Munroe continued a successful business on Washington street, dealing in both wholesale and retail quantities, until August 1, 1909, then retired, there not then being a single firm or merchant doing business on Washington street who was there when he opened his store on that street in 1885. Since 1909 he has devoted himself to his private business affairs.

A Democrat in politics, Mr. Munroe early began his active interest in public affairs, serving as president of the Young Men's Democratic Club of Providence in 1899 and 1900. He represented Providence in the House of Representatives in 1903, being elected by over two thousand majority, although defeated the previous election by a small plurality. In the House he served on the committee on accounts and claims, and completed a record of usefulness. In 1910 he was elected State Senator from Providence, was reelected in 1911, and in 1912, at the first biennial election, was returned for a term of two years. He introduced some important bills during his legislative career, and took active part in the discussions in both House and Senate, and in the latter body was on the committees on judiciary and militia. He found favor with the independent voter, and at the contest at the polls in 1912 he received a majority of five thousand votes. At the Democratic State Convention of 1912, Senator Munroe was a candidate for Governor, but in the interest of harmony withdrew his name, although strongly supported. In 1913 he received the full party vote in both House and Senate for United States Senator, and is a recognized leader of the party in the State. In 1916 he was the Democratic candidate for Governor, but was defeated at the election. He was appointed a member of the commission in charge of the new armory for the State cavalry demands, and has rendered other public service of note.

Through his descent from Richard Warren he gained membership in the Rhode Island Society of Mayflower Descendants, and has served the society as treasurer, deputy governor and governor. In 1912 he was elected deputy governor-general of the National Society of the same order; is a member of the Society of Colonial Wars, Sons of the American Revolution, and Rhode Island Historical Society.

Senator Munroe married, December 22, 1885, Annie Burnside Hopkins, born in Cranston, Rhode Island, August 12, 1861, daugher of Nelson and Emily Greene (Bateman) Hopkins. Mrs. Munroe is a member of the Society of Colonial Dames, tracing to seven Colonial ancestors, and a member of Gaspee Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, by right of descent from Spencer Merrill. Mr. and Mrs. Munroe are the parents of two sons, Chester Pierce, a salesman, who married Mary Doris Davenport, and Harold Bateman, a salesman, who married Esther Louise Whipple.

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