Thursday, February 11, 2010

1906 Alaska Lecture at Brown University

No indications that HPL attended this as a teenager. There are a few vague coincidences metioning Alaska later in his writings. Perhaps the only thing this long ago card proves is that "Alaska" was "in the air" during 1906.

It also shows how many available lectures were at Brown University that Lovecraft could have, and sometimes did attend.

The 1932 story "The Horror in the Museum" breifly mentions an Alaskan expedition bringing back a relic of Rhan-Tegoth.
A letter snipet, "...Alaska also captivated my imagination — all the more so because my constitution could never endure cold (I can't go out when it's under 20°)... " curcal 1932-1934.
Ch. 7, At the Mountains of Madness, "...the approximate world of today appeared quite clearly despite the linkage of Alaska with Siberia...".

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