Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Controversy! Meteorite Raucus!

WASHINGTON – An out-of-this world rock has become the center of a down-to-earth dispute over who its rightful owner should be. The tennis ball-sized meteorite plummeted through the roof of a Virginia medical office just after dusk on Jan. 18, the same time as people reported seeing a fireball in the sky. It plunged through the ceiling of an examination room and landed near the spot where a doctor had been sitting a short while earlier. Dr. Marc Gallini said. "It just wasn't my time, I guess."

He and fellow practitioner Dr. Frank Ciampi say their first thought was to give the rare find to the Smithsonian Institution, which offered $5,000 for it. The doctors are worried, though, that their longtime landlords plan to stake their own claim to the space rock.
"Where two or more are gathered, there shalt be conflict..."

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