Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Broadway circa 1905
Dated 4 May 1905, the text reads, "Dear Mrs. E[manulson], I arrived safely. Leslie was very good, all the way. Arthur looks very well. Remember me to all. I will write again soon. Your sincere friend, M Miacock[?]"

It seems that the pen would not write well, and a number of squiggles were needed to jump start it.

Compare this to the postcards Lovecraft wrote. The style he used is very much that of the era - circa 1900 - but he wrote much more text. His scrawl is also not unusual. Many cards of this era are jammed in the edges and around the card and even spill onto the back of the card.

Broadway seems a typical street in Providence, and Loecraft would have strolled down many of these streets.

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