Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Giant Squids Returneth !

Giant squid 'invasion' sparks excitement Hundreds of the creatures show up in California waters, causing a big spike in fishing trips.

This happened last year, so it must be a recurring event.


Anonymous said...

Cthulhu runs !


Creature said...

Hey Chrispy:
Rumor is traveling through the Dreamlands that the once virgin oceans are feeling the strain, the pressure of mankind, a creature who does not belong to this world. If humanity continues to wonder as to the mysterious appearance of "emmisaries," wait until the old ones, and mighty Cthulhu itself, rise from the depths. It may be only a Tsunami away. The rumbling from deep below the surface has begun. Remember, humanity, you have been warned.
Have a Nice Day!!!
The "Creature"


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