Thursday, February 18, 2010

In Search of ... Mr. Manow (i.e. Robert Morrow)

In Kleiner, p. 69: to Kleiner, 16 November 1916, he mentiones a "Mr. Manow" who lived across the street, lessee and manager of the Providence Opera House. This was in 1896.

I can find no "Mr. Manow" listed in 1899. The immediate neighbors (including the Banigans) are listed below. Intriguingly, there is a widow, a "Mary Morrow", but no "Manow".

Currently "Da Google" only has the 1899 Providence City Directory available.

However, "Da Google" has many other resources, so Chrispy went over to another theater source of the era, and sure enough:

(The dramatic year book for the year ending December 31st, 1891: an annual ... edited by Charles Smith Cheltnam)

Just to confirm, we have on p. 754, Julius Cahn's official theatrical guide, Volume 2 By Julius Cahn, this entry: (link)

Sure enough, there is Mr. Robert Morrow, as manager and lessee. Now, it's possible that whoever did the typescript of the letter to Kleiner could not make out HPL's handwriting. I think, now, we can easily correct that long term error.
The story from: George O. (George Owen) Willard. History of the Providence stage, 1762-1891

Finally, Mr. George Hackett took the lease, and during the five years that he was the manager the public saw many queer "shows," and the stockholders realized very little on their property. The last year, it is said, he did not pay one cent for rent, and the house was permitted to run down so much that when Mr. Morrow succeeded him, in 1885, about nine thousand dollars had to be spent in making the necessary repairs.

Mr. Robert Morrow succeeded George Hackett as the manager of the Providence Opera House, and although it was a new experience to him, he succeeded in greatly improving the list of attractions offered, and also in improving the appearance of the house, both before and behind the curtain.


I found no obituary for Morrow, so he must have passed about 1897-1898.

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