Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Rare image of interior of Weird Tales June/July 1939

The seller states: Reader Copy, 1 Old Pulp, no front cover . Volume 34 No. 1 , June, July 1939
The Stroke of Twelve by H. P. LOVECRAFT Almuric Part 2 by Robert E. Howard , he also does a verse .
I have no idea what "The Stroke of Midnight" might mean other than "The Stroke of Twelve" appears just prior to Lovecraft's poem. Thus, it's a double scribal error by the seller - a conflation of two lines, and a false remembrance of "12" with "midnight".
In fact the contents are more likely:
June-July 1939 cover by Virgil Finlay
Giants of Anarchy Eando Binder
Far Below Robert B Johnson
They Run Again Leah B Drake
Lens-Shy W M Clayton
The Sitter in the Mound Bruce Bryan
The Hills of Kandahar Robert E Howard
The Man Who Came Back Frederic A Kummer
The Stroke of Twelve Earl Pierce Jr
The Howler H P Lovecraft
Mansions in the Sky Seabury Quinn
Circe Edgar D Kramer
The Phantom Werewolf ???
The Willow Landscape Clark Ashton Smith
Almuric (Part 2) Robert E Howard
Headache Paul Ernst
The Death Watch Hugh B Cave
We Are No Other Than a Moving... Virgil Finlay
Celephais H P Lovecraft
Imprisioned With the Pharohs. Houdini (Lovecraft)
The Howler:
XII. The Howler
(first pub. Driftwind, 7, no. 3 (November 1932), 100.)
They told me not to take the Briggs' Hill path
That used to be the highroad through to Zoar,
For Goody Watkins, hanged in seventeen-four,
Had left a certain monstrous aftermath.
Yet when I disobeyed, and had in view
The vine-hung cottage by the great rock slope,
I could not think of elms or hempen rope,
But wondered why the house still seemed so new.
Stopping a while to watch the fading day,
I heard faint howls, as from a room upstairs,
When through the ivied panes one sunset ray
Struck in, and caught the howler unawares.
I glimpsed - and ran in frenzy from the place,
And from a four-pawed thing with human face.

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