Sunday, March 23, 2008

Amazingly Rare Sonia Greene Ephemera

Amazingly, epegana is selling this item. What an amazing history to append to the Lovecraft biography. The image should open with a click. In any event, the address is: 368 East 17th Street, Brooklyn, at Cortelyou Road.

(FYI: There are a number of Sonia Greene surprises if you do a blog search on the HPL blog).
The seller states:

SONIA GREENE MILLINERY - circa 1924 Now here's a piece of extremely interesting and rare Lovecraft ephemera - a commercially printed "Opening" announcement for (Mrs. H. P. Lovecraft) Sonia Greene's millinery shop! S. T. Joshi, in his biography "H. P. Lovecraft: A Life", never found out where Sonia's shop was located, as he states - ..."I am not certain whether Sonia's shop was in Manhatten or Brooklyn, there is no city directory of Brooklyn at this time". - p. 335 Interestingly as hinted at in Sonia's advertisement, women's hats must've been prohibitively expensive for the middle class - "P. S. Last year's hats may be remodelled in today's flattering lines" - this also gives us a clear insight into Sonia's expertise that she was able to cut, resew and tailor an existing hat to suit the wearer's need.This ephemeral piece comes with the original mailing envelope - and please note that this one was never mailed because it was Sonia's copy and found among her few remaining possessions that had not been rifled thru by certain collectors in her later years just before her death. These possessions remained unclaimed by any of Sonia's friends or her daughter and the Convalescent home contacted Roy Squires that they would be destroyed if he had no use for them because they were taking up space. This may well be the only known copy of this fascinating ephemera!

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