Wednesday, March 26, 2008

1933 Rare Lovecraft Artcile

The seller (epegana) states: THE NATIONAL AMATEUR December, 1933 Although H. P. Lovecraft had been selling in "Weird Tales" since 1923 his lofty reputation in the Amateur-zines dragged him back as the expert in poetry construction and inspiration. How HP could continue to read amateurish drivel and find something positive is beyond me, and exemplifies his qualities of patience & mentoring. HP devotes a page-and-a-half of advice that rings true today.These amateur-zines especially from the 1930's are not common and add a degree of uniqueness to any collection either in the beginning stage or the "completist" 'cause we all know you NEVER COMPLETE YOUR LOVECRAFT COLLECTION!Besides their literary interest, Amateur-zines will "survive" you! Unlike the "pulps" the Amateur-zines were printed upon quality paper.

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