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de Castro listed as founder of Sephardic Community of Los Angeles (1920)

Chrispy found these details on de Castro on line.

Communidad sefardi de Los Angeles, domingo, 1o de febrero de 1920 en Los Angeles, California -Walker Auditorium, 730 S. Grand Avenue a las 2:00 PM. Respondiendo al llamaniento de los presidentes Mandolino Levy y Jose M. Estrugo acudieron en asamblea general a las personas siguenComumdad sefardi de Los Angeles, domingo, 1o de febrero de 1920 tes

That is how the beginning lines of the first book of minutes read that fateful day of February 1, 1920, the historic day on which the Sephardic Community of Los Angeles (La Comunidad Sefardi) was founded, with thirty-nine men in attendance. The founders present at the first organizational meeting included Carlos Abolafia, Leon Anticoni, Solomon Beraha, Raphael Behar, Abraham Caraco (the first rabbi of the young community), Isaac L. Caraco, Maurice Carasso, Raphael Caraco, Nissim Cohen, Marcos Cordova, Adolphe de Castro Danziger, Harry Eskenasy, Sam Ezra, Jose Estrugo, Ovadia E. Haim, Jacob Haim, Jim Habif, Robert Hatem, Isidor Hatern (Hatem became Hattem in 1921), Mandolino Levy, Sam Max, J. Mazza, S. Mazza, Salvador Meshulam, Raphael Nahmias, N. Nissim, Jacob (Jack) Notrica, Sam Passy, Alfred (Albert) Rugeti, Isaac Raphael, Jake Sheby, Mordechai Sheby, Maurice Soriano, Saki Souza, Isaac Tovil, Jacob Tovil, Morris Tovil, Alex Tobey and Mordecai Zitoun.

Mandolino Levy was the provisional president for this very first meeting of La Communidad, as it was to be known, and Mr. Adolphe de Castro Danziger was elected the first president of the fledgling organization. Jose Estrugo was elected vice president and secretary. The minutes also note that monthly dues would be $1.00 for each member.

The leaders of the Santa Barbara Avenue temple saw the need to preserve the unique culture, heritage, and religious rites (minhag) of the Sephardim in an overwhelmingly large Ashkenazic community, as well as to help new families in the area and educate the children in the Sephardic culture. The following leaders guided Sephardic Temple Tifereth Israel from its founding and during the time the synagogue was located on Santa Barbara Avenue:

1920 Mandolino 0. Levy (provisional)
Adolphe de Castro Danziger

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