Sunday, March 23, 2008

Adolphe de Castro & Lovecraft

Lovecraft had little good to say of de Castro, yet in the circles de Castro usually traveled he was acquainted with many well known individuals over several generations. Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. was a notable correspondent and several of those letters are still preserved and images and text are on this blog. Over and over, Jewish leaders either tolerated or praised de Castro depending on how one reads the letters I've been able to extract out of the ebayeum.

Lovecraft's point of view and opinion tends to be a bit jaded. de Castro was surely an oportunist, but he had a very long career and publishers often wrote to him (including Derleth) and whether in newspapers or in books, he kept his name at the top of the mast.

There are numerous extant letters TO de Castro, though I've not collected any images of letters FROM him.

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