Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Lin Carter discusses Lovecraft

{This is a great letter. I'll let the seller tell the story.}

The seller states: WEIRD TALES LETTER Lin Carter, Editor Yes indeed, Lin Carter edited "Weird Tales" in book-format for a time and was scouring the collections of all personages he knew that might have interesting unpublished material of interest to Lovecraft, Howard, and Smith enthusiasts! This letter to Roy A. Squires was requesting a copy of Clark Ashton Smith's story - "A Good Embalmer" after Squires printed it in booklet format. Squires never did print the story, but he did send a copy to Carter. An interesting letter in that Carter comments "Mosig & Chums always dump on me and Sprague for our detestable temerity in actually publishing books about Lovecraft, who is, as we all know, their personal private property." Carter is very honest though in that he states "Me they slam for good reasons (I am a sloppy researcher)"...and "my 99th book came out last week. That's more than Burroughs, Merritt, Rohmer (etc) if only my stuff could be about half as good!"A revealing and interesting letter upon Weird Tales stationeryThe original mailing envelope is also present
{In addition, the letter states that de Camp was roundly criticized for not being 100% idolatrous. The debate rages even today, with many people declaring de Camp's bio sub-par. You should be able to click ont he image an magnify it in a new window}

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