Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Fantasy Magazine June 1935

FANTASY MAGAZINE, June, 1935 Edited by Julius Schwartz This copy of "Fantasy Magazine", features the excellent four-page - "An Autobiographical Sketch of Stanley G. Weinbaum" - "I don't like Science Fiction ...there's one general weakness & one universal fallacy in the material today...most authors, even the best, seem inbued with the idea that science is a sort of savior. That's wrong; science is utterly impersonal"..........Then read why he "does" like Science Fiction. Ray Cummings is present with his very interesting revelation of "How I Came to Write Science Fiction" - "I saw an ad for Quaker Oats...." . Sorry but you'll have to win the item to get the punch line! Also Forrie Ackerman's commentary & news on SF & Fantasy in the media and as always, lists of books to read that may have eluded you from various contributors.Excellent copy printed upon pulp paper with slick paper covers.

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