Sunday, March 09, 2008

Rare copy of Tryout (June 1917)

The seller states: THE TRYOUT Vol. 3, No., 7. 1917Edited & published by the ageless indefatiguable C. W. (Tryout) Smith, "The Tryout" remains one of the legendary HPL amateur papers and HPL published more within its pages than any other paper. This issue contains Lovecraft's intelligent, canny , admonishing and neutering four-page response to attacks by "The Lingerer" editor, Rev. Graeme Davis upon both Lovecraft and the United Amateur Organization of which HPL was then President. "To refute Mr. Davis' none too generous suggestion that my own loyalty to the United is caused by a conceited desire to stand out against a background even more mediocre than myself , I need only mention the names of a score of fellow members to each of whom I can justly and and gladly concede the palm of vastly superior genius, scholarship and expression." There is also a poem by HPL alter-ego Lewis Theobald Jr., and admiring comments upon both Lovecraft and Winifred Virginia Jordan. Very scarce from this era!

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