Sunday, March 23, 2008

Adolphe de castro photo

This is a .gif - and the writer states: Typical of Danziger, the photo, from his book Portrait of Ambrose Bierce, is dated in 1908, at which time he was in Europe and couldn't have been photographed in California. I date it as mid- to late-April, 1906, shortly after the San Francisco earthquake. It apparently shows Danziger simultaneously celebrating the "loss" of his wife and children in the earthquake and mourning the loss of his extensive library and correspondence. Fortunately for the others concerned, "lost" meant only that they couldn't find him when he skipped to New York. Mrs. Danziger lived in San Francisco at least until the early 1920's. Danziger remarried in 1907 in Switzerland, apparently without first divorcing the first Mrs. Danziger.

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