Thursday, March 27, 2008

Chrispy's Travels with H P Lovecraft

I thought I'd mention that I typically take a copy of Lovecraft with me as I travel in airplanes. He and I have seen rainbows from the topside; the deserts of Nevada; the urban jumble of Newark, NJ; the skyline of New York; and cyclopean Chicago.

I've thought of his father getting syphilis in Chicago (I wonder if it was during the Columbian Expo of 1893?).

I imagined the spawn of Yig in the black rock outside of Nevada.

I thought of the Kalems as I spied Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, and remembered fondly "He" as I came near Elizabeth, NJ.

He is a quiet companion, and thoughtful. I often get bleary-eyed at airports, so even if I just clutch myenguin copy of "The Call of Cthulhu and Other Weird Tales" he comforts me with his visions of eerie madness, as the airlines practice their own scheme of insanity.

Thank you, Mr. Lovecraft. May you and I continue to be traveling companions.

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Anonymous said...

Richard, you should get The Beach by Alex Garland. I take this with me on my trips. It is spellbinding. You can open to any page and get invovled in the story. Garland's first-person narration, while on target in conveying Richard's (the main character) personality, also manages to differentiate the other characters--no small task.

Garland is a wonder; he's able to write unrelentingly suspenseful, downright hallucinatory action scenes, then balance them with passages of chillingly accurate psychology. His intensely imagined tale is, on one level, a brilliant update of Lord of the Flies, and on another, a wholly original and unsettling depiction of psyches shaped by the bewildering messages of Loony Tunes.

You can't help to smile and laugh which make plane trips shorter.


John Rowlands


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