Sunday, March 23, 2008

Phantagraph November 1936

PHANTAGRAPH, THE. November 1936 (volume 5, number 2). Edited by Donald A. Wollheim. New York: Shepherd and Wollheim, November 1936 (volume 5, number 2). Small octavo, single issue, printed from typeset copy, self wrappers. A legendary amateur magazine of the 1930s. Includes "Harbour Whistles" by H. P. Lovecraft, the second appearance of this poem, part of the "Fungi from Yuggoth" sequence, in a magazine. Also present is Donald A. Wollheim's "Phantascope" column and "Phantastic Bread & Butter or the Mystery of the Missing Authors," an article on the poor quality of fantastic fiction in recent issues of WEIRD TALES. "Encouraged by the excellent material being received from Smith, Lovecraft and others, Wollheim decided to pattern the publication after the now-defunct FANTASY FAN... The quality of material used was very high, and in this respect the magazine easily equaled its ideal... Collectors who have overlooked this periodical have missed much indeed..." - Moskowitz, The Immortal Storm, pp. 30-1. Pavlat and Evans, Fanzine Index (1965), pp. 82-3. Wollheim, Operation Phantasy: The Best from The Phantagraph, pp. 9-14. Early issues of THE PHANTAGRAPH were printed on wood pulp paper and extant issues are generally brittle. Paper stock age-darkened, a nearly fine copy. Early issues of the magazine are rare, especially in nice condition. (#110516)
Price: $100.00

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