Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Derleth Letter to Coye on Lovecraft Book

Seller (epegana) states: AUGUST DERLETH LETTER TO ARTIST LEE BROWN COYE - Signed // Lee Brown Coye in addition to being a prominent artist for "Weird Tales", also produced a number of striking dust-jacket covers for Arkham House books.This letter from August Derleth dated 19 September 1963 notes the publisher's indecision regarding a proposed volume of tales by H. P. Lovecraft to be illustrated by Coye. The book was finally realized from Arkham House in 1967 in a limited printing entitled, "3 Tales of Horror". However "The Inhabitant of the Lake" by Ramsey Campbell did not feature a Coye cover, but rather, one by Frank Utpatel. Brief letter but interesting reading with Utpatel woodcut illustrated writing-paper. Signed with August Derleth squiggle.

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