Friday, July 02, 2010

Some Providence Theaters in HPL's era

These were examples of theater that HPL could have visited.

1926 The Judge's Husband Providence Opera House
ITEM: A four page theatre handbill for William Hodge in The Judge's Husband. Performing at The Providence Opera House ///// DATE : The week of Monday April 26th. ///// SIZE: 8 by 5 inches ///// COMMENTS: Produced by Lee Shubert.

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1925 Theatre Program The Modern Theatre

1923 Providence Opera House Handbill "Molly Darling"
4 1/2 By 6 Inches /// COMMENTS: Handbill for "Molly Darling" Starring Jack Donahue, Mary Milburn, Clarence Nordstrom, Jay Gould. beginning Monday April 30th.

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Cisne Negro said...

Delightning docs, Chris. Thanks for sharing with us. :D


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