Saturday, July 17, 2010

Did Lovecraft See a Camel?

Well, OK, it's unlikely. But it is intriguing. This postcard is an image of a camel named or signified as "Holy Moses". Some masonic lodge owned this and paraded it about for kids and others to see. This day when the picture was taken, it was at Roger Williams Park. Would Grandfather Whipple have taken young Howard to see this creature circa 1900? Notice the bicycle in the picture - a bicycle like which HPL first obtained on his birthday 20 August 1900?

Chripy found this small blurb in an old book dating to 8 February 1902 (The School Journal Vol 64):

Somerville Mass Miss Roxbury principal of the Davis school has been invited to a position in the Rhode Island normal school at Providence and has resigned Miss Mary A Holt has been promoted to fill the vacancy and Miss Gertrude D Goodale has been elected second assistant in the school Tufts college has lately received several valuable specimens for the museum from Frank C Bostock who has an animal show in Boston Among these was the great camel known as Holy Moses and a number of rare snakes The last and perhaps the most valuable gift was an exceedingly fine specimen ot the Wapiti deer the largest ever exhibited Alive it was as large as a good sized ox and its horns measure more than six feet from tip to tip

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