Thursday, July 01, 2010

English High School

The first image is from 1870, a recent auction. This is English High School, and not in Lovecraft's immediate circle of attention. They are just neat images. !!

You can also see the postcard (last one) and how artists modified photogrpahs to show the image in its best light. The building has been eradicated, and a street lamp replaced it. Then later a colorized version appeared as a postcard. I suspect a dozen or so images were made after it opened, and then a publishing house created postcards from these images.


Built in late 1877 (on Summer Street) it was at first only "the High School", being the only one in Providence. As the next two: Technical and Classical High Schools were built, it was renamed the English High School. Its predecessor (built circa 1844) became the Normal School (teacher's college, so to speak).

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