Wednesday, July 28, 2010

An Aside: An 1859 Quaker Letter

When I read the seller's excerpts of this letter, it struck me like something out of a Nyarlathotep sequel. And the language was enough to make Lovecraft's long s's swoon.

The writing is tough, but remember, click on the images and they should expand into a new window.

The seller's notes:

1859 PROVIDENCE, [RHODE ISLAND] LETTER - RAILROAD ACCIDENT; STORM - QUAKER - Autograph letter signed, E. A. Sheffield", Providence, 4th mo 3rd [18]59, 3 1/2pp, 5" x 8". Legible ink to cousin Lydia.

Personal content with interesting news on a storm and grim train accidents:

"...the wind blew violently during the day...The New Port boat could not get at the wharf...signs were blown down, empty boxes on the sidewalks were taken up in the air as high as the buildings."

"A man who was walking on the track in the vicinity of Olneyville was fatally injured day before yesterday by the engine of the Hartford Train which knocked him from the track and mangled his body in a shocking manner. He was taken to Dr. Miller's office at six o'clock and died. There was another who was caught under a bridge on Smith Street. His arm was badly hurt. It was amputated by Dr. Beckwith...."

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