Monday, July 19, 2010

A Divergence: Providence 1910 (Mowry)

Lovecraft had a slight bit of Mowry blood, but these 1910 pictures have nothing whatsoever to do with him. They were just too cute not to show.

The seller stated that these were of the Mowry-Inman clan.

I also have a soft spot when old family pictures go on the auction block - like Dicken's Marley, a soul banished to wander: unwanted, unremembered. But not today! We see and remember.

It looks like the date is a hot summer 4th of July as there is a small flag. Oklahom made it in November 16, 1907, so there are probably 46 stars on the flag. Look closely and you will see a tiny fragment of Providence in the background, an awning on some unnamed building.

OK, let's see, I guess Lovecraft was 19 years old when this picture was taken being roughly 7 weeks away from him turning 20. He was starting to think about studying chemistry by correspondence school, otherwise was keeping a low profile and coming out at nights.

What else? Hmm, recently it looks like I came across some information on Edwin E Phillips starting a number of new businesses about this time. I'll post about them one of these days. And, Lovecraft's passing friend, Philbrick, was in college by now - soemwhere I have a clipping where he was a stage manager for some Brown University prodction or other folderol.

Ah, Providence of 1910!

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