Thursday, July 15, 2010

Marius S Daniels of "The Snake River Company"

On 29 May 1884, Rhode Island accepted the corporation of The Snake River Company which was partnered by:

Whipple V Phillips
Eugene Howard
Marius S Daniels
Christopher A Peirce (correct spelling of Peirce)
Albert J Robinson
Joseph Voshay
Lafayette Aspinwall.

I spent a few hours with my fried "Da Google" and you'd think that names like Lafayette Aspinwall and Voshay would jump off the search engine. Aspinwall shopwed up, but impossibly, since the death is decades too early for our candidate. Alas. The others also were more obscure in the current crop of scans in Google's archives. We may have to wait a few more years.

However, there are lengthy transcriptions of a tedious lawsuit. DANIELS v. ALMY et al. (Supreme Court of Rhode Island. April 19, 1893.) The key passage for this researcher was a simple, "This is a petition for a new trial of issues sent to a Jury in the suit in equity now pending in this court, wherein Marius S. Daniels, now deceased...".

Daniels, thus, disappears in less than a decade from the group who formed the company. The suit, which extended after his death, involved about forty feet of property on Custom House Street that was debated about being a public way or private property.


OpenPhotoNum said...

Hi Chris I found a little reference to Lafayette Aspinwall (seems to be the good one) in Internet Archive

1884 >>>

1901 >>>

perhaps it will help you in your searchs


OpenPhotoNum said...

oups I forgot this one as mentionned in a S.T Joshi book



Chris Perridas said...

Great additional notes. One was the tax ledger that usually indicates a filing fee which vary - sometimes $100, sometimes $250. The other was a company I had not previosuly seen.

OpenPhotoNum said...

Chris, in the 1st link I provided to you, you will find too: Marius S Daniels (page 6 of the 1884 of List of persons, copartnerships, and corporations assessed in the city tax ordered by the city council) as Whipple Phillips...



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